Alert: Label marked Gluten-free isn’t!

I was preparing for a lunch and learn for our company wellness program. I am planning to have an activity that includes reading labels and understanding the difference between products that appear to be the same but one has gluten and one does not. While scanning Italian dressing with my INRFOOD app (one was Kraft and one was Wishbone) I didn’t actually read the labels only scanned them. Tonight while preparing my presentation, I rescanned the labels to see which ingredient in the Wishbone dressing had the gluten in it. To my surprise, when looking at the Wishbone Italian dressing label it has the label marked “gluten-free”. I highly recommend purchasing the INRFOOD app. It can be a life-saver for all with gluten issues. I’ve written an email to Wishbone to let them know.


One thought on “Alert: Label marked Gluten-free isn’t!

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